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MES Symposium
September 30-October 2, 2011
Columbus Airport Marriott , 1375 N. Cassady Ave, Columbus, Oh 43219
 in the St Charles Meeting Room III

Changes for 2011

The new location is the Marriott Columbus Airport with a large meeting room and another room for book sales and displays. They have a special room rate for overnight symposium visitors. Also new this year is the Saturday evening Marriott catered Dinner followed by a symposium round table.

The catered Dinner is optional of course and if you choose it, you must make the Dinner reservation with payment by Friday September 9, 2011. This is the same time for Symposium Registration to assure a seat.

We have an excellent slate of Speakers this year. The Keynote Speaker is Ian Hudson, London, England, special assistant to Gavin Menzies, author of the books 1421 and 1434, who will discuss these books. Luckily Dr Sui-Leung Lee of our city, and a learned contributor will be here too.

To encourage attendance by younger people we will allow college students free admission when they show their Student ID. So bring a college student with you!

The Dinner Menu     Symposium Registration     Speakers      Program      Marriott Room Reservation - by Sept. 9

Symposium Location: Columbus Airport Marriott, 1375 N. Cassady Ave, Columbus, Oh 43219. Phs: 1.800.228-9290, Fax: 1.614.476-1476, see below for Reservations.

Directions: (click map at left for detailed map).
Coming from the West on I-670 - exit 9 right ramp for Airport/Stelzer/Johnstown Rd(stay right for Johnstown Rd), then turn right on Johnstown and another right on Cassady, cross over I-670 and turn left on De Monye & into Marriott parking lot.
Coming from the East on I-670 - exit right ramp for Airport/Cassady Ave(stay left for Cassady). Turn left at traffic light onto Cassady, turn right on De Monye & into Marriott parking lot.

Please Note: There are two Marriotts at this location; MES is in the Marriott Columbus Airport NOT the northern - Courtyard by Marriott Columbus Airport. googleMap

Where to Stay: Stay at the Marriott Columbus Airport: Marriott Reservation
Other motels in the immediate area are the other Marriott-Courtyard by Marriott Columbus Airport, the Best Western, and the Staybridge Suites, Country Inn and Homewood Suites (click map at left) and the nearby Ramada at I-270 and Cleveland.

Zheng He's ship compared to Columbus' Santa Maria


Friday, September 30
12:00-2:00 Registration, Get acquainted and Book sales
2:00-3:30 Ian Hudson – 1421
3:30-4:30 Dr Siu-Leung Lee –A Chinese Medallion unearthed in North Carolina – PreColumbian Visit of America
4:30-5:30 Dr John White – Elephant Art in America
   5:30-7:00 Dinner on your own ~ Recommend Marriott RiverCity Grille
7:00-8:00 Dr J Huston McCulloch – Hebrew Connections – Bat Creek & Newark Hoy Stones, Los Lunas and the East Fork Works
8:00-9:00 William Conner – Ohio Iron Furnaces

Saturday, October 1
8:00-9:00 Registration, Get acquainted and Book sales
9:00-10:00 Rich Moats – A Three-dimensional Hopewell Celestial Observatory
10:00-11:00 Dr James Krehbiel – Anasazi Astronomical Alignments in Southeast Utah
11:00-12:00 Wayne May - New Hopewell Enclosure in Wisconsin
   12:00-1:30 Lunch on your own ~ Recommend Marriott RiverCity Grille
1:30-3:00 Ian Hudson – 1434
3:00-4:00 Dr Siu-Leung Lee – Matteo Ricci’s 1602 World Map – Reveals Chinese Circumnavigation and Survey of America
4:00-5:00 Lawrence Gallant – Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio River Valley
5:00-6:00 Lee Pennington - An Overview of Calico and Blythe California Sites
   6:00-7:00 Catered Dinner (requires prior registration) or Dinner on your own ~ Recommend Marriott RiverCity Grille
8:00 - - - Speaker Round Table

Sunday, October 2
9:00 Meet at Marriott Columbus Airport Lobby - Field trip to Garrett Iron Furnace Site, Chillicothe and to other sites   

Registration and Dinner Order

Pay by Check & Send US Mail
Print and complete the Registration and Dinner Order .doc Form or .pdf Form and follow the form instructions for mailing. Mail by Friday September 26, 2011. Registration is completed.

Pay by Credit Card using PayPal
Link to the Registration and Dinner Order .doc Form or .pdf Form - (MES needs only the Dinner Order & Second Person info). Complete the form by first Pressing the "Ins" key on your keyboard, then enter the required information on the Form; Save on your computer; Attach the form and email to: Symposium Director; or alternatively US Mail it per instructions on the Form, THEN:
Register and Pay using PayPal $60 per person
College students free with ID
Add Join MES Now $45 Save $5. Good to Jan. 1, 2013!
Add Renew MES Membership $50 I am a Member Paying 2011 dues Now
Add Marrott Saturday Dinner: $46 per person
Saturday Marriott Dinner


Ian Hudson, Keynote Speaker, became associated with the Gavin Menzies project after finishing his education at Eton College and the University of Bristol. His degree in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies was vital in proof-reading ‘1421’ and translating early accounts of New World exploration by Europeans that documented the Chinese as already being there. After ‘1421’ publication Ian initiated the creation of the 1421 website which became a valuable tool in the collection and dissemination of new evidence of Chinese connections. In 2005 Ian was in Singapore for 12 weeks as Gavin’s representative for the Singapore Tourism Board’s ‘1421’ exhibition that celebrated the 600th anniversary of Zhen He’s maiden voyage. Since then Ian has been heavily involved with producing the second book, ‘1434’, contributing research, text and photographs. Now, Ian is the leader of Gavin’s research team and produces a quarterly newsletter and just finished with publication of their third book: The Lost Empire of Atlantis.

Dr Siu-Leung Lee, writes that Gavin and Ian are good friends of mine.  I was invited by Gavin to give a talk at the Royal Geographic Society (Hong Kong), the only branch out of Britain. I have also lectured at University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and the History Museum of Hong Kong. During the past 5 years, I have immersed myself in sorting out the connection between America and Asian cultures as related to the mysterious 7 voyages of Zheng He.  I am a retired biochemistry/chemistry professor. I was born in Hong Kong and obtained my PhD from Purdue University.   My career path through Yale University, Texas A&M University, Corning Corp, Battelle Memorial Institute, and Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology straddles between academic and industry.   I am the author for the Chinese calligraphy of the Nickelodeon animated TV series "Avatar".

William Conner,a native of Chillicothe, OH, and as professional journalist Bill reported on Arlington Mallery's iron furnace field work at Spruce Hill. He became personally interested in this work and assisted Mallery at a number iron furnace sites in southern Ohio. After Mallery's death Bill continued the study and excavation including new sites and founded the Archaeo-Pyrogenics Society. Bill's book on iron furnaces available from Coachwhip Books .

Lawrence Gallant,a retired electrical designer in Pittsburg, an Associate Editor of Ancient American magazine, a historian and author of soon to be published Prehistoric Pennsylvania

Dr James Krehbiel, Professor of Fine Arts at Ohio Wesleyan University, has researched astronomical alignments at Anasazi cliff dwellings and ceremonial sites in southeastern Utah, part of the Four Corners region, for a number of years. He will present some of his latest findings from the past year of field work with archaeologists, astronomers, physicists and local Hopis in his illustrated talk.

Wayne May,is the founder and publisher of Ancient America, a magazine dedicated to the prehistory of the American continent with the position that overseas visitors have arrived here over many centuries before Columbus. He promotes an open forum for all to report and discuss supporting evidence of these ancient visitors, traders and settlers. Ancient American Magazine.

Dr J Huston McCulloch, MES member, and Professor of Economics and Finance, The Ohio State University, author of two books and numerous papers, articles and professional presentations on a wide range of economics and finance topics as well as writing technical and statistical online software, translator of French economical papers, editor of Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 1983-1991. His epigraphic interests include all the archaeological outliers - Bat Creek and Grave Creek Stones, Kensington runestone, Newark and Los Lunus decalogues - and others. Some Archaeological Outliers .

Rich Moats, is a retired US Air Force Remote Image Analyst, aircraft Accident and Forensic Investigator and instructor, a native Ohio artifact collector and President of the Flint Ridge Chapter of ASO (Archaeology Society of Ohio). He has intently studied several Ohio earthworks. He has given talks at the previous two MES symposiums: It’s About Time – The Clovis Barrier and Ohio’s Yost Works, A Pilgrimage to the Stars.

Lee Pennington, with his late wife Joy started JoLe Productions in 1990 to video “old things and old ways”. He had videoed many around his home state of Kentucky, Fred Rydholm and the Copper mines in Upper Michigan (he showed a Fred Rydholm Tribute DVD at the 2009 Symposium) and as far away as the stone statues on Easter Island. Lee is President of the Ancient Kentucke Historical Association.

Dr John White,FMES is an experimental physicist and a retired Principal Research Scientist from Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. He is also the retired MES Editor of both the Newsletter and the Journal and the MES Symposium Director. He now devotes full retirement time to his interest in cultural diffusionism, ancient symbolism, the Earth Mother Culture and Bronze Age Names. He is active as an amateur actor and as a track & field official.

Scott Wolter, unfortunately had to withdraw.

Columbus Airport Marriott Reservation
1375 N. Cassady Ave, Columbus, Oh 43219. Phones: 1.800.228-9290, Local: 614.475-3430 and Fax: 1.614.476-1476.

Ten rooms have been reserved at the Marriott Columbus Airport for the MES Symposium. Please make your reservation using the following link by September 9, 2011 to assure your group rate of $119 a night (+ no State tax because MES is 501(c)3 exempted BUT there may be a local 10% Bed Tax). Hotel Reservation

If you do not use this link for reservations and phone instead, be sure to mention "group code" mesmesa to get the discounted room rate.