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MES Symposium
October 8-10, 2010 at OhioHealth, Westerville Medical Campus, 300 Polaris Parkway, Westerville, Ohio
The Midwestern Epigraphic Society's 18th Symposium was the largest attended ever with 37 people, who eagerly received the presentations of ten speakers. Program (pdf)

The Keynote speaker, Dr Reinoud de Jonge, of the Netherlands is a physical chemist and a teacher at a private school there. He authored the book How the SunGod Reached America c. 2500 BC with Jay Wakefield of Kirkland and their next book Rocks & Rows, sailing routes across the Atlantic and the copper trade (edited by Jay, 2010), illustrates the important time period from 2500 BC to 1200 BC, when America was a colony of Egypt. He spoke on the presence of Egypt in the New World, The Egyptian discovery of America (c.2500 BC) and on America, Colony of Egypt (2500-1200 BC).

MES's Dr John White presented beautiful slides Sun religions of the Old and New Worlds and President Dave Rush spoke on Ohio's Murray Tunnel Chamber.
Local Ohio researcher, Rich Moats, presented a culmination of several year's work Ohio's Yost Works, a Pilgrimage to the Stars
Scott Wolter, a Minnesota forensic geologist known for his forensic analysis of concrete for the construction industry by his company, American Petrographic Services, and widely known for his verification of the authenticity of the Kensington Rune Stone revealed his tests verifing the Bat Creek Stone to be genuine, however, tests of a marble Burrows' Cave stone clearly identifies it to be a fake.
Dr William Romain a research associate with The Ohio State University, Newark Earthworks Center. He is the author of Mysteries of the Hopewell: Astronomer, Geometers and Magicians of the Eastern Woodlands and Shamans of the Lost World: A Cognitive Approach to the Prehistoric Religion of the Ohio Hopewell presented a soon to be published: LiDAR Assessment of the Hopewell Earthworks.
Polly Midgley, the NEARA New York Coordinator spoke on The Stone Chamber Enigma.
Jon Haskell, a video documentarian presented Indiana's Charlestown Fort.
Wayne May, founder and publisher of the Ancient American magazine presented The Ojibwa and the Hopewell.
Lee Pennington, President of the Ancient Kentucke Historical Association, presented Roman Coins in America.
Glenn Kreisburg, Vice-President of NEARA presented Serpent of the North, The Overlook Moutanin/Draco Correlation.

l-r: Scott Wolter & Wayne May

Speakers, l-r:Rich Moats, Wayne May, Scott Wolter, Polly Midgley, Jon
Haskell, Jim Leslie-Director, John White, Reinoud de Jonge, William Romain, Glenn Kreisburg and Dave Rush-President. Missing is Lee Pennington.

Dr Reinoud de Jonge

Jon Haskell

** Symposium photos by Bill Barr **

V-Pres. Jack Burgess, Buzz Calvert, John White

Nine Symposium Attendees Brave the Murray Tunnel Chamber the following day, Sunday, October 10. Timing was right - the weather was excellent and the property owner, the Holmes County Humane Society was also having its annual member open house, which included an excellent picnic menu of home prepared foods, including organic items and home-made ice cream. Desserts were out of this world!

Our group of nine were amazed with the tunnel and chamber construction, location, and who built it and when.

The group & left below photographer was Don Packe of the Humane Society. The other photos were taken by Jim Leslie. The middle is looking back the tunnel to the outside and the right shows three butterflies inside the chamber. Next, the Murray site and cairn north of the chamber.

Allen and Karin Altman at the cairn