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MES 2009 Research Symposium

When: April 24-26, 2009
Where: The Westerville Electric Company Conference Room, 139 E. Broadway Ave, Westerville, Ohio


Scott F. Wolter, P.G.    ~    Kensington Rune Stone    ~    The Newport Tower

At his American Petrographic Services company in St Paul, Minnesota, Wolter performs a wide array of geological testing. Two of his cases were forensic analysis of the Pentagon concrete soon after the 2001 terrorist attack to assess the degree of salvageability of the fire damaged concrete and concrete forensics on an homicide victim in Las Vegas.

More interesting to MES is his surface aging analysis of the Kensington Tablet in 2001 which led to his 2005 book, "Kensington Rune Stone: Compelling New Evidence" with Richard Nielsen. His first book in 1986 was "The Lake Superior Agate".

His latest work, "The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America" will be released in May of this year.

Richard Moats    ~    It's About Time: Breaking the Clovis Barrier

Rich talks about the time span and difficulties in breaking the so called "Clovis Barrier". With an appreciation of the time span involved, he summarizes the theories and complexities of determining how the Americas were populated and at what point in time this may have occured. He lays out the theories and covers the important archaeological discoveries that provide evidence for occupation in the Americas long before the Clovis Culture. He utilizes all science disciplines to focus on finding more definitive proof of early habitation, migrations, and identification of the First Americans.

"Its about time we accept the fact that early humans were much more capable and nomadic than we first thought".

Rich Moats, amateur archaeologist, retired USAF 24 years. Audio visual production manager, medical photographer and videographer, aircraft accident investigator, aerial photographer, aerial image analyst and instructor.

Lee Pennington    ~    Lee Pennington of Jole Productions will introduce and show his latest video documentary, Let Me Not Drown on the Waters: Fred Rydholm Michigan’s “Mr. Copper” .

Fred Rydholm for more than 70 years has pursued the question of what happened to the massive amount of ancient copper mined between 5,000 BC and 1200 BC in the UP of Michigan and on Isle Royale. His lifetime research has taken him to places around the world looking for answers to haunting questions raised by evidence of Old World, pre-Columbian contact with the Americas. He’s a well-respected historian, having written the classic, Superior Heartland A Backwoods History, consisting of more than 1500 pages of unique and fascinating information. Reading the book is like sitting in front of the fireplace and hearing the pioneers themselves tell their own stories. His most recent book, Michigan Copper The Untold Story, contains a great wealth of evidence supporting diffusion. Fred is also a consummate storyteller, a trait instantly seen when you’re around him only a few moments. He simply has that innate ability to uplift you with joy and laughter. Let Me Not Drown on the Waters: Fred Rydholm Michigan’s “Mr. Copper” sets out to capture the essence of this unique and deeply loved man from Marquette.

See list below for other Jole Productions.

Carl L Johannessen    ~    Flora and Fauna Exchanges, Old World and New

Professor Emeritus of Geography at the University of Oregon. Throughout his academic life Carl has carried out research in Latin America and Asia on fauna and flora similarities, suggesting difussion between the two continents. He is especially interested in American Maize and the melanotic chicken.

A sample of his articles:
• "Melanotic Chicken Use and Chinese Traits in Guatemala", Historia de America, numero 93, enero-junio 1982.
•"Pre-Columbia American Sunflower and Maize Images in Indian Temples: Evidence of Contact between Civilizations in India and America." Neara Journal, Volume XXXII, No. 1 Summer 1998. First Page First Figure
•"American Crop Plants in Asia Before 1500 A.D.", Excerpt from Pre-Columbiana, Volume1, Numbers 1 & 2.
•"Maize Diffused to India before Columbus Came to America", Across Before Columbus.
•"Considerations of Asian Crops Indicate Longstanding Transoceanic Pre-Columbian Contacts." Epigraphic Society Occasional Paper, Volume 25, 2006 pp 5-12.

Please do visit his home page for a lot more: Carl Johannessen.

Bill Conner    ~   Glozel Inscriptions

John White    ~    Mystic Symbol Cultures


Friday Evening April 24:
6:00 pm Dinner Westerville MCL Cafeteria followed by
Reception and guest speaker Scott Wolter giving presentation on "Analysis of Damage and Concrete Changes and Concrete Entombment of Murdered Lady in Las Vegas". Westerville Electric Co Conference Room
Saturday April 25:
Electric Co Conference Room  9:00 am Registration and Coffee.
 10:00 to 12:00 Present- ations.
 12:00 to 1:00 pm Lunch
 1:30 to 6:00 pm Present- ations
 7:00 pm Dinner at the Hunan House Gormet Chinese Restaurant, 2350 E. Dublin Granville Rd (SR 161), just west of the Cleveland Avenue traffic light on the North side.
Sunday April 26:
8:30 am Breakfast at Bob Evans 69 Huber Valley Blvd, Westerville, followed by optional trip to the Newark Earth Works, Hopewell Cultural National Historic Park and Serpent Mound.

Jole Productions Documentaries: In Search of the Mudmen, 1990; The Gospel Ship, 1991; Verne Spratt Keeper of the Stones, 1992; Cliffs of Mystery, 1992; The Ticking Lizard, 1992; Petroglyphs of Polynesia, 1992; Sinoto Polynesian Legend, 1993; Out of the Way Places: Cutlass Bay Club, Cat Island, 1994; Wales: History in Bondage, 1995; Good Roads, Good Water: The Life of Verne Spratt, 1996; Prince Madoc: Fact or Fiction, 1997; Secret of the Stones, 1998;Stones That Whisper, 1998; Easter Island’s Hotel Gomero: A Family Affair, 2000; The Mound Builders, 2001; Eyes That Look at the Sky: the Mystery of Easter Island, 2001; Tell City: The First Fifty Years, 2003; The Serpent Fort (Solving the Mystery of Fort Mountain, GA), 2005; The Depot Museum: Fort Payne’s Unique Piece of History, 2006; Tunnel of Time (A Tribute to Marion Dahm), 2006; Let Me Not Drown on the Waters: Fred Rydholm Michigan's "Mr. Copper", 2008;