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MES 2008 Research Symposium
Westerville Electric Company Conference Room, 139 E. Broadway Ave, Westerville, Ohio

Friday April 18:
  MCL Westerville

6:00 pm Informal dinner for attendees, family and guests at the Westerville Ohio MCL cafeteria. Directions from the NE quadrant of the I-270 Beltway: Take Exit 29 North on Westerville Rd (aka State St & SR 3). Continue North for 0.5 miles and turn right (East) on Schrock Rd. After 0.25 miles turn North on Otterbein St. MCL is visible on the left with parking in the front.

Saturday, April 19:
  Westerville Electric Co

 9:00 am Registration and Coffee.
 10:00 to 12:00 Presentations.
 12:00 to 1:10 pm Luncheon
 1:00 to 6:00 pm Presentations
  6:30 pm Dinner at the Hunan House Gormet Chinese Restaurant, 2350 E. Dublin Granville Rd (SR 161), just west of the Cleveland Ave. traffic light on the North side.

Sunday April 20:
  Bob Evans Westerville

8:30 am Breakfast at Bob Evans,
69 Huber Valley Blvd, Westerville.
Final joint meal / symposium wrap-up
and farewell before departing for home.

l-r: Jim Leslie, John White, Wayne May, Ken Zimmerman, Frank Otto, Jack Burgess, Hugh Fox, Hu McCulloch, Bill Conner and Wayne Rodgers

Hugh Fox, Prof. Emeritus, Michigan State University,    ~   Feature Speaker
“Hugh Fox is one of the foremost authorities on pre-Columbian cultures, with over seventy books and hundreds of articles and stories published. He has a Ph. D in American Literature, and is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of American Thought and Language, Michigan State University.” Having lived in South America, with extensive on site studies there and in Europe, Fox “traces the connection between the Phoenicians and Sumerians in the Old World and the ancient Americas.” “Fox is well-versed in a wide range of evidence, and he is a participant in a legitimate reconsideration of the pieties of academic history and the factual versus the fanciful status of myth.”

In addition to his prose works on history, mythology, and language, Fox is a well-known poet, with numerous publications, and he is an accomplished musician.

Wayne May, Publisher, Ancient American    ~    Update of the Embrass River Site
Wayne reports the latest news concerning Burrows Cave. A wet spring has halted any digging activity. There is some concern of damage from last weeks earthquake centered about 30 miles from the sight. Wayne discussed past ground penetration sensor results. Wayne also discussed a number of unusual archaeological sites he recently investigated in the Wisconsin area.

Jack Burgess, Pres. MES    ~    America Discovery of Europe
This is an interesting twist to "who discovered what".

Jim Leslie, Former Pres. MES    ~    The Bull-Leaping Fresco
Jim Leslie highlighted Dr Charles Herberger discovery of an ancient lunar-solar calendar in this Palace of Knossos fresco. He connected the fresco with mythology of the labyrinth, the seasons and various festivals.


Ken Zimmerman    ~    Book Review of The Key
The book The Key, by John Philip Cohane, was the inspiration for John White's EMSL. Cohane suggests that place names are a key to understanding the movement of peoples about the world.

Wayne Rodgers    ~    The Archaeology of Jonathan Richardson
Wayne presents the Jonathan Richardson findings of Clinton County, Ohio, mound archaeology.

Dr John White, Editor & Symposium Dir. MES     ~    The Swastika ~ A Symbol of Many Forms
Throughout ancient world cultures the swastika appears in many different forms. John presents a juried sampling today.

Dr. J. Huston McCulloch, Prof. Economics OSU     ~    Comparisons of Greece and Mexico
Dr McCulloch compared cultural icons and artifacts between Greece and Mexico

Frank Otto, Pres. 6 Rivers ASO    ~    The Lead Crosses of Tucson
These lead crosses thought to be of the Roman Empire period were unearthed near Tucson. The inscriptions have been translated, but their authenticity is yet to be accepted.

Ken Zimmerman receives Award

Wayne Rodgers

Dr John White