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Midwestern Epigraphic Society Symposium

April 23, 2005, Columbus, Ohio

At the Medical Staff Building
Mt Carmel Hospital West
Follow lobby sign and
Take elevator to the
Second Floor Meeting Room

Feature Speaker ~ Dr Dana Chandler

Dr Dana Chandler (middle center, back row of the photo) spoke on the Plumed Serpents and Hero Twins, Cross Cultural Diffusion Between North and Central America and
Current Research on the Mayan Civilization


Back row, l-r: President Beverley Moseley, Secretary William Conner, Dr. Chandler, Frank Otto, and Roger Sexton. Front row, l-r: Kenneth Zimmerman, James Leslie, Dr. J. Huston McCulloch, and Journal Editor and Symposium Director Dr. John White III.

Other Speakers

Dr Hu McCulloch ~ Vinland Map: Science Fact or Science Fiction and Update on Batcreek Stone Research

William Conner The Norse Had Eskimo Maps and The Norse in Ohio

Kenneth Zimmerman Post to Pillar to Post-Pillar

James Leslie Ohio Archaeology: Artifacts from the William Tiel Collection

Roger Sexton Perils and Pitfalls with Carbon-14 Testing

Beverley Moseley Incursion of Birdmen into the Americas

Frank Otto Ohio Archaeology: The History of Spruce Hill Site and A Roman-Style Vase Found in America: Could it be Aztecan?

Dr John White To L- and Back: An Unrecognized Tool for Identifying Unrecorded Historical Migration and Diffusion and Before Columbus by Samuel D Marbel and Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W Loewen

Lunch was provided on site with casual discussions. The evening Dinner was real Italiano at the Italian Florentine Restaurant

Symposium Photographs

The Face on the Hancock County Tablet
James Leslie talks about the Tiel Collection
Artifact Tools From Meso-America ~ Found By Dr. Chandler