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NEW LINK: Kurt Schildmann's Work The sole recognition for his achievements were offered by the Midwestern Epigraphic Society (MES).
American Petrographics Page    Scott Wolter forensic work
Ancient America The Ongoing Exploration - An interactive online forum for people to submit articles pertaining to America's secret history.
Ancient American Magazine    Archaeology of the Americas before Columbus
Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin    A Wisconsin organization to preserve, research, document and protect Wisconsin earthworks and landscapes.
Ancient Celtiberian Writing    Ancient Celts organization explaining the language and script with examples of writing and alphabet used in ancient Iberia, now present-day Spain.
Ancient Orgins   An open community to uncover our Beginnings To foster a dedicatio to investigate and understan the origins of our species on Earth
Asiatic Fathers of America   Charlotte Rees has continued the quest of her father Dr Hendon Harris Jr of Chinese contact with America, presented in his book: Asiatic Fathers of America
AsianWind   MES Member Siu-Leung Lee, PhD webpage on Ancient Chinese world exploration to map the world, links to his forums, blog and Chinese Maps - a must see!
Brandenburg Stone    Artifact found near Falls of the Ohio - Not available now.
Evidence of Buddist in America - Hendon M Harris III Gavin Menzies    PreColumbian Chinese Influence in the world. "This website serves as a focal point for ongoing research into pre-Columbian exploration of the world. Our research team was set up to receive and disseminate all information received via this website. . ."
Chiseled in Stone    Midwestern Epigraphic Society blog for inscriptions. Unfortunately we can no longer get access to add items ?
Graham Hancock    Well known world historian - visit his Facebook, Youtube, signup for his Newsletter, etc.
NEW LINK: Gunnar Thompson    Studious historian of Scandanvian and Asian discovery and settlement of North America.
Hanukkiah Earthwork This ancient earthworks, now disappeared, was documented by Squire and Davis and once lay along waters of the East Fork of the Little Miami River in Ohio, about 20 miles above its mouth near Milford, and about 25-30 miles east of Cincinnati. Long since been plowed level, its orientation and exact location are unknown.
How the Sun God came to America    Wakefield and de Jonge work on early map of North Atlantic
Indigenous Peoples Research Foundation   Jon Haskell's web page describing his work to protect, preserve and understand unique artifacts, to determine their meaning, symbols and motifs and to know their their origin.
In Plain Sight   Gloria Farley's old world records found in Ancient America. Her etched records findings as presented in her opus book of the same title, copies still available.
NEW LINK: Ancient Earthworks Project William Romains earthworks research, especially Ohio, and the culture of the builders, and how to contact him.

Internet Links

Kansas Archaeology Video    Epigrapher Phil Leonard narrates a 3-minute YouTube video of archaeoastronomy findings in his home state of Kansas.
Marco Polo in Seattle !      Dr Gummar Thompson web page about his new book and other items of interest.
Migration & Diffusion      Austrian ethnologist Dr Christine Pellech hosts migration and diffusion articles by various researchers - a good place to post your articles.
Six Rivers Valley Chapter of ASO    central Ohio chapter of Archaeology Society of Ohio - basically an organization of local people interested in Ohio archaeology.
Some Archaeological Outliers    Local MES member, now residing in New York City, Dr J H McCulloch's Adventures in Underground Archaeology webpage - read his studies of many 'outliers' such as the Bar Creek and the Grave Creek inscribed stones and the Hanukkiah Earthwork - 'lost' somewhere in Ohio!
Oopa-Loopa Cafe   Using Skype interviews, Rick Ozman investigates pre-Columbian contact evidence, ancient culture, migration and assorted oddities around Indiana and the mid-West.
Oregon Rock Art    For those interested in petroglyphs two Oregon avocational archaeologist have photographed/documented much Rock Art in Oregon.
Panthers Publishing   Located in Phoenix, AZ. David and wife Teresa Panther-Yates own and operate Pantherís Lodge Publishers. They publish and sell traditional and e-books in American Indian, ethnic, regional and historical fiction and non-fiction.
Pleistocene Coalition    Renowned archaeologist Dr Virginia Steen-McIntyre rejected by establishment presents articles of importance
The Wenooch Society - Preserving History    Presentations of avocational historian, archaeologist Steve Shaffer of the western US sites
The Zheng-He Society    The official web site (in English) for the Internation Zheng He Society. "Our societyís mission is to unveil the historical facts relating to his seven great voyages in order to bring to light the truth of his contributions. . ."
N E W Wikipedia Diffusion Types, Theories and Disputes are covered. We should make contributions.
N E W Western Digs is a science news site that investigates the archaeology, anthropology, and paleontology of the American West. Iím Blake de Pastino, a science journalist who has worked for YouTubeís SciShow and National Geographic News, among other places, and I created Western Digs because Iím passionate about exploring the West and examining how science can help us understand history.


NEW LINK: William Romain Facebook
Winter Solstice Alignment Clay Co Ky Tours & Sightseeing
Ancient American Facebook
Ancient Earthworks Society (WI)
Ancient Orgins


Institute Megalithic Research     Follow R M de Jonge's work.