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Barnesville Track Rocks Fox

by Jerry Bever and Victor Moseley

When the sun is just right in the sky you can see yet another animal petroglyph at the Barnesville Track Rocks in eastern Ohio. The right mix of shadow and highlight on the pecked surface of the rock outcrop produces the image of an almost Disney-like fox. The image is very old, much weathered and, under other light circumstances, hard to see.

This ancient petroglyph is very unusal in that it shows the animal in relation to a pecked circle which may have been purposely engraved to represent the animal's lair. So far as we know, this petroglyph has never been previously reported. Moreover, we know of no other petroglyph anywhere in the country that depicts this relationship of animal to den.

The actual dengraving, including animal and circle, measures 15 inches wide and 10 ½ inches high. The animal's body, although at first probably pecked in outline only, has been completely recessed into the rock surface. A rubbing taken from the engraving is shown here at reduced scale.