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Brandenberg Stone pdf
Briton Monument at Logie, Celtic Interpretation. Circular Ogam Inscription n15-3 2
Buckhorn Cave Shelter Artefacts aka Middle Fork Site j22-23 130-131
Buckhorn Cave Shelter Petroglyphs aka Middle Fork Site j22-23 117-129
Burrows Cave, A Celtiberian Cache! j11 47-75
Burrows Cave LE Sigil
Burrows Cave: Stone on Jack Ward Booklet, Translation of j17-1 14-18
Burrows Cave Translation: The Lord Dagos Motif Stone j12-13 45-54
Map of Mississippi, Burrows Cave Stone Unpublished
Putnam County Stone Chamber Ogam
Ptolemist Celtiberians Across the Atlantic j17-1 83-87
Southwestern Iberian Stones 22-23 j114-116
The Burrows Cave Astronomical and Astrological Tables j18-19 107-123
The Leighton Kentucky Ogams j14 120-134
The Great Long Tailed Serpent
The Sea Peoples
The Proto-Ogams j17-2 89-96
Weissenhorn Tablets j24