As reported in the OHS Echoes Newsletter, the Newark Octagon Open House on Sunday afternoon, April 16, 2006 is from 1:30-5:00 pm. No golfers that afternoon, which means visitors have full access to the earthworks. Talks about their use and other similar sites as "time pieces" will be given throughout the afternoon. The History-to-Go van will also be onsite for both children and adults.

I phoned in a request for our club to have a guided tour led by either curator, Brad Lepper or site manager, Jim Kingery. Jim took down our name and said to inform him or any official there when we arrive that afternoon, and that we would have a maximum of half-an-hour wait until the "next tour". So, they do not make reservations "per se".

Since its Easter afternoon, we agreed to arrive in time to make the 2:30 pm tour.

The Great Circle is off SR 79 between Parkview Dr and Cooper Ave.

The Octagon is on the Moundbuilders Golf Club at North 33rd St and Parkview Rd.

A remnant of the earthworks, Wright, can be seen from James St (off SR 79) at Grant Street.