Help Identify My Find

You found some strange markings that might be ancient writing or something else? Email photos with as much information you know and email Contact MES and we will circulate it around the MES eCircle.

Provide as much information such as: what its made of, which way is North, how deep did you dig, had soil above it been disturbed, measurements, anything that might help identification.

What will happen:

1. Our membership (mostly knowledgeable amateurs) plus professional people trained in ancient history, alphabets, geology, languages, etc, will voluntarily review and evaluate your submission (if it interests them). The results are return via eMail. You can then contact them directly.

Also the results may appear in the MES publications/web page unless you specify not to.


2. You can request non-public profession evaluation and MES will forward your email and attachments to only the appropriate professional(s) for evaluation. This is voluntary on their part and responses will happen if they are interested in your find.

As above, you will have direct contact via email with them and MES will not publish results unless you approve in writing.

3. Response is at the descretion of those in the email circle.

4. Here is a Site Record Form MES uses. You can use it to document your find for your own record.
pdf format
doc format
docx format
odt format