SPECIAL 2007 Summer Meeting

The following agenda is for both Saturday and Sunday:

Location: Westerville Electric Co.
Time: Saturday August 18, 2007.      8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Coffee and donuts served

Guest Speaker: Michel-Gérald Boutet. Michel is an artist, school teacher, Celtic scholar and translator of ancient alphabets and scripts. He has translated many of the Kentucky ogam sites and Burrows Cave inscribed stones - actually he is one of a very few who can.

Program: “The Character and Style of the Burrows Cave Images and Comparisons to Old World Works - Three-headed Dragons, Helmeted Warriors and other Icons”
[Note: Members who were at the Symposium, please bring these two document handouts - “Burrows Cave Art” and “Burrows Cave Artifacts”]

Michel will next discuss various techniques, steps and procedures used on translation of ancient scripts and alphabets. He will use both his published and unpublished works as illustrations, including Burrow Cave scripts and sites previously translated by Barry Fell.

Location: Beverley Moseley Home. [Directions given during the morning]
Time: Saturday August 18, 2007      1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

An open discussion of Burrows Cave art and ancient script translaton in an informal gathering at the former President's home.

Location: James Leslie Home. [Directions given during the morning]
Time: Saturday August 18, 2007      6:00 PM to - -.

Picnic Time! Local MES members are asked to bring a couple of their favorite "covered dishes" and a dessert to share with those present. Jim will provide eating utensils, cold drinks (but pleasebring your favorite "rare" beverage to share too), and will grill burgers, brats, etc.

Time: TBD Sunday, August 19th